Fuelled by curiosity and a passion for learning

About Julie

I’m all about growth. That’s where the name Talent Sprout comes from. Two words to signal the mission for the business: to encourage and enable leaders to stretch themselves, to deepen their awareness and to grow their impact.

My commitment to growth goes further. As well as being the underpinning for my client work, it’s a guiding value for me. Constantly looking for ways to expand my knowledge and add to my repertoire of skills, I seek to embody the openness, curiosity and passion for learning that I espouse for leaders.

And before Talent Sprout? A 15+ corporate career with Mars and PepsiCo means that I know first-hand what it takes to succeed at director level in a demanding, fast-paced organisation. This experience enables me to empathise with leaders who are experiencing the highs and lows of corporate life and to really be alongside leaders as they navigate the challenges inherent in a senior role.

I coach leaders at successful brands including...

“Julie is passionate about genuinely adding value and making a difference. She has the powerful combination of being both very insightful and highly action orientated, which leads to practical solutions that are underpinned by clarity of thinking.

She marries all this with a real understanding of people and a clear communication style which make her a skilful coach and facilitator.“

Neil Campbell

Former MD of Warburtons, Tropicana US, Walkers Crisps


At Talent Sprout, nothing is ever ‘off the shelf’. I don’t have a shelf.

What I do have is a depth of knowledge and insight, the ability to collaborate with (and challenge) my clients, and an obsession with ensuring that everything I do delivers lasting business benefit.  With this in mind, I’ve founded my business on four core values.

Getting to the heart

Whatever I’m doing, I make every effort to get to the heart of what’s needed.

I’ll dig beneath the surface to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve, and often help clients become clearer about their aspirations in the process.

Constantly curious

One of the things I love about working with a range of clients is that it provides plenty of opportunity for me to be curious.

Curious about how the business works, its challenges and its strategy. Curious about how the culture is described, and how it really feels. My curiosity fuels a deep understanding of each client, which in turn enables me to deliver bespoke solutions that have real impact.

Close collaboration

I believe that I do my best work when it’s done in true partnership. I’m proud of the long-term relationships that I have with many of my clients.

I value the depth of connection that is built over time, and see these long standing client relationships as testament to my collaborative approach.

Going beneath the surface

I see myself as a catalyst for learning, not a teacher. My intent will always be to support an individual or an organisation to discover and learn for themselves.

Whether I’m working with an individual, a team or a whole organisation, the target outcome is a behavioural change of some sort. Any such change will only be sustained if it has come from within.


I work alongside a small number of trusted partners, enabling Talent Sprout to deliver projects that have scale and complexity. The partners with whom I collaborate most frequently are:

Lucy Ball

Lucy is an experienced and talented coach, partnering with executives and with executive teams. Lucy and I have worked together in different capacities for over twenty years, most recently partnering on multiple client projects that have received high praise.

Becky Hall

Becky is a skilled coach and facilitator, with a strong track record of delivery across two decades and within a wide range of sectors. I value Becky’s depth of thinking, her collaborative skill and her creativity. Becky’s book The Art Of Enough was published in 2021.

Sally Brys

Sally blends deep experience from a 25 year corporate career with expertise in coaching and a passion for unleashing potential in individuals and teams. With a working relationship dating back to 2011, Sally and I enjoy collaborating on Talent Sprout client assignments.

Faye Towers

Faye is a skilled leadership coach who has honed her craft over the course of a 15+ year career in HR leadership roles. Clients value Faye’s commercial focus, her ability to quickly understand leaders and their contexts, and the way that she tackles business challenges thoughtfully and creatively.

Invite me to share with your audience

I enjoy sharing what I’m learning in my mission to deepen my understanding of the field of leadership, whether that be by contributing to media articles or appearing as a podcast guest. I’d be happy to discuss writing and podcasting opportunities.