Bespoke leadership programmes

One size fits no-one

Effective leaders bring what is needed for this situation, this context, this person. The same is true for leadership development. One size fits no-one, so my leadership programmes are always bespoke. Alongside my partners in the extended Talent Sprout team, I create programmes that are engaging, thought (and behaviour) provoking, and which have lasting impact.

Who is it for?

I frequently partner with the top tier of a client organisation. Example briefs include the need to catalyse behaviour change in the top 100 leaders or the need to strengthen the partnership between the executive team and the level below.

I also provide tailored support to accelerate the development of small cohorts of leaders who are seen as future board level executives.

Julie and the Talent Sprout team have created a leadership programme that has had profound impact – behaviourally changing the way that our people think, work, empower and enable.

Stuart Branch

Group People & Technology Director, Weetabix

The work that Julie has done with our senior leaders has truly led to improved performance. Our leaders leave her sessions with the motivation and courage to fix problems themselves, and to have confidence in their own ability.

Cathryn Petchey

ex-Chief People Officer, Mulberry

Julie understood me, the group and the business. Engaging, insightful and understanding, supportive, creative and exceptional.

Programme participant


I’m committed to making a difference

I’ve worked with more than a thousand leaders over the past decade and a half, delivering leadership programmes that have demonstrable impact.

I characterise my approach as ‘inside out’ development, focusing on getting under the surface of how your individuals lead, and supporting them to make sustainable, impactful change. 

How it works


My leadership programmes are always grounded firmly in your context, your strategy and what the business needs from its leaders. So the first step is one of immersion, enabling me to fully understand what’s needed.


Once we have agreed a set of outcomes for the programme, design is a collaborative process during which I check-in regularly to test my thinking and to develop ideas in partnership with you.


Delivery might be in-person or online. It might be a high impact 1-day leadership conference or it might be a programme that extends across 12 months. This all depends on what will work best for your context and for the specific objectives that we have agreed.


For a programme to be truly successful, the impact must be sustained far beyond the events that your leaders attend, so I always pay close attention to follow-up. The aim is to firmly embed the learning and to support leaders to apply it in their day-to-day roles.