Coach Yourself Confident

A handbook for individuals who recognise that their confidence lags behind their capability.

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Confidence is often the key that’s needed to unlock growth

It’s striking to me how many of the topics that leaders have brought to coaching conversations over the past 15 years have been underpinned by a need to access a balanced, objective and compassionate self-view. Sometimes the leader arrives at coaching with a stated aim to be more confident. In other cases, it’s as we begin to explore the topic at hand that we uncover the impact of a harsh inner critic, an anxiety inducing fear of failure, or a pervasive sense of not being good enough. I’ve worked with coaching clients whose lack of confidence has masqueraded as a different development need such as strategic thinking, influencing at senior levels or maintaining home-work balance.

I’ve written this book as an encouraging and supportive guide for professionals who have aspirations to progress further in their careers, and who feel that a lack of confidence is getting in their way. It’s packed with ideas, stories and practices to help close the confidence gap.

Praise for
Coach Yourself Confident

“I devoured every page of this wonderfully written book. Whether you have been in front of the mirror for a long time or you are at the start of your journey, you will find a remarkable guide to navigate the land of your own confidence.”

Sergio Ezama, Chief Talent Officer, Netflix

“Utterly brilliant. This is a book that is easy to read, incisive and thought provoking. The exercises do a great job of encouraging you to slow down, reflect and apply. As someone that has spent much of my career dealing with confidence peaks and troughs, Julie’s book is the perfect tonic! A must read for so many of us!”

Francesca Theokli, Marketing Director and Executive Leadership Team, Weetabix Food Company

“As I read Julie’s words I felt like I was in the room with my own personal coach. Being a high performer means also being kind to yourself. This book leads you through that journey. If only my less experienced self could have read this all those years ago.”

Rachel King, Group People Director, Spire Healthcare

“I loved Coach Yourself Confident and found myself making a mental note as I read of the people who I want to send copies to. It’s readable, accessible and encouraging, and the content really resonated – there were numerous aha moments for me.”

Jane Burkitt, Vice President EMEA Supply Chain Operations, The LEGO Group

“A very practical guide, crammed full of real client stories, personal experiences and practical exercises. Probably the closest you can get to being coached without the coach – it feels as though Julie is right by your side every step of the way.”

Emma Smythe, Executive Coach and Director of Leadership Development in Big 4 Consulting firm

“I really appreciate the way Julie has opened my eyes to habits and behaviours that are getting in my way. I suspect this is a book I will come back to regularly for a confidence workout!”

Stef Reid MBE, Paralympian, Keynote Speaker, and Broadcaster

“In Coach Yourself Confident, Julie Smith draws from the deep well of her corporate coaching experience to share powerful and practical ways for us to build our own confidence. A great read, packed full of warmth and wisdom.”

Becky Hall, Coach and Author of The Art of Enough

“Coach Yourself Confident is based on detailed research and contains thoughtful analysis of what confidence is, where it comes from, how to build it and hold onto it. This is combined with practical exercises and advice – which stops you from simply admiring Julie’s diagnosis of the issues around confidence, but makes you apply her lessons to your own real-life experiences.”

Karen Betts OBE, Chief Executive, Food and Drink Federation

“Julie has managed to decode and make practical a way to unlock one of the biggest assets to success ….yourself! Taming the inner critic, even training it to be a constructive force is, in my experience, the single biggest shift someone can make as they strive for self-fulfilment. You won’t know how tall you are until you get up off your knees. Coach Yourself Confident will help you do that!”

David Murray, Managing Director UK & Ireland, pladis Global

“This book was a truly brilliant read and has made a lasting change to my mindset about my own confidence, self-doubt and overall mental wellbeing. The reframe of confidence as ‘trust in self’ has been a true unlock for me and the experience of reading this book felt like having a personal coach right by my side supporting & encouraging me to learn and grow.”

Michelle Parczuk, Chief People Officer, Avon Cosmetics

“I was pulled in from page 1 with the way that Julie appears to tread lightly on some powerful insights, whilst actually guiding you through transformational thinking.”

 Paul Campbell, SVP Supply Chain, PepsiCo Europe

“Coach Yourself Confident is highly relatable – I found myself smiling in recognition many times. It’s pragmatic, providing sensible steps to growing confidence and bringing out your best self.”

Lucinda Scott, Customer Services Director, first direct