Keynote speaking

Hire me to speak to your organisation

A keynote offers an exploration of new angles, new ideas, new perspectives. A well crafted keynote talk grabs the attention of your leaders, provokes thinking and leaves a lasting impact.

I’ve delivered leadership keynotes for businesses large and small, local and global. By way of example, I’ve run a highly-praised in-person keynote session for 350 leaders at a global bank. I’ve delivered an online keynote for a global toy brand, engaging participants from 20+ countries. I’ve spoken multiple times for a UK client who enjoys finding unusual venues, one of which was only accessible by boat.

I speak on different facets of leadership (leading against a backdrop of uncertainty and change, empowering leadership, self care as a leadership responsibility.) I also have a suite of talks that draw on content from my book, Coach Yourself Confident. Examples include ‘How to cut your self-doubt down to size’ and ‘Contagious confidence: building belief within your team.’

“It was a tricky brief… we’ll be in the forest in the middle of nowhere, in a tent, with no tech, please can you deliver an engaging keynote session for 120.

Obviously Julie smashed it, running an interactive and really meaningful session. You could see how engaging she was and how she held the attention of the audience.”

Pam Schmid

ex-People Director, Graze

Inspire and engage your teams

With 15 years experience of bringing ideas to life through engaging and inspiring talks, I know that I can hold the attention of an audience.

My keynotes aren’t lectures. They are engaging and interactive.

Whether I’m speaking to 50 or 350, I build in opportunities for the audience to participate: to make sense of what they’re hearing, to reflect, to talk, to try things out.

How it works


If you think I’d be a good fit for your event, please get in touch. We can schedule an initial chat to explore what the opportunity looks like.


Be warned that once you book a keynote in my calendar, I’m likely to have quite a few questions for you. Questions to ensure that I’ve got a really good grasp of the organisation context and of the objectives of your event.


I’ll develop and deliver a high impact keynote for you, either developing a talk from scratch or tailoring existing content to your organisation and your event.


After the event, I’ll be keen to understand how the keynote was received. I’ll also make suggestions as to how the messages might be followed up and reinforced.

Get in touch if you’d like me to speak at your event