Leadership team coaching

Why team coaching?

Effective teams are able to work together through and beyond seemingly insurmountable challenges. This level of effectiveness requires focused effort, and team coaching can transform the performance of a team by increasing connection, alignment and shared learning.

As a team coach, I support teams to pay attention to their process, identifying the ways that they are hindering (and helping) their own success. Team coaching sessions provide teams with the rare opportunity to step back and:

Notice their own patterns – what’s working and not working

Clarify or strengthen their shared purpose

Deepen trust, understanding and appreciation between team members

Practice open and honest dialogue

Build comfort with constructive conflict

Who is it for?

I work with executive teams, and with functional or regional leadership teams who have significant collective responsibility. My team coaching assignments tend to extend for a period of months, working regularly with the team.

“Julie supported us to strengthen our collective capacity to deliver sustained business performance. Julie challenged our assumptions and thinking, a challenge that was delivered with nuance, respect and skill.

She enabled us to recognise helpful and unhelpful dynamics in our way of working, triggering meaningful and impactful change.”

Managing Director

UK region of a global consumer goods business

An experienced partner

I’ve worked with scores of leadership teams over the past 15 years, providing tailored coaching support as these teams tackled business challenges ranging from rapid scale-up to performance turnaround. 

I have a broad array of experience to draw on. And I’m keenly aware that each team coaching assignment brings new complexities. Every team is unique and organisational contexts vary widely, so each new assignment brings with it the opportunity for me to learn and to deepen my expertise.

Above all, I’m focused on impact: my objective will always be to make a lasting difference to the effectiveness of the team. This means that I immerse myself in the team’s context. And it means that the emphasis is likely to be on real conversations about the real work.

How it works

Interested in working with me as your team coach?


Get in touch by email and we can arrange an initial conversation – for me to understand more about your team, your context, and what you’re looking for from a team coach.


I’ll propose a framework for the team coaching engagement including outcomes, approach and fees. And we’ll discuss it to ensure that it fully meets your needs.


Work with the team now begins, starting with the discovery phase. This involves me having one-to-ones with each team member and perhaps observing the team in action. I’ll also dig into the context, building my understanding of your organisation’s aspirations and plans.


I’ll share my discovery learnings with you and together we’ll build a map for the work to be done. This won’t be a fixed programme: I’ll be learning and adapting throughout the assignment, always ensuring that the development work is grounded in the team’s reality.


We’ll review progress regularly – both one-to-one with you as the team’s leader and in full team reflection conversations. And as the assignment comes to a close, we’ll assess the impact of the coaching and discuss how the team will continue to strengthen its effectiveness.