One-to-one executive coaching

Why coaching?

Coaching provides a safe, yet challenging, reflective space where leaders can explore more deeply their challenges, opportunities and the changes they want to make. Such a space can be invaluable as leaders seek to navigate complexity, ambiguity and change.

Who is it for?

I work one-to-one with senior leaders who are in demanding roles of significant scale. My coaching clients include board level executives at UK businesses as well as regional or divisional heads at global corporations.

Leaders have sought support from me as they:

Navigate challenging internal and external dynamics

Deliver business transformation or a turn-around in performance

Make a critical transition – into a bigger role, a new company, out to / back from maternity leave

Understand and enhance their leadership impact

Strengthen their self-belief

“Julie supported me as I stepped up to board level for the first time and her coaching was pivotal to my success. With her support I developed greater confidence, motivation and clarity of purpose. Julie is without doubt the best coach I have come across in my career.”

Chief People Officer

“I found Julie’s coaching to be enormously valuable. She kept me focused on the changes and growth that I was after. I valued Julie’s knowledge, and her incredibly supportive approach. I left each coaching session feeling positive and energised, and with clarity on a set of things to do.”

Chief Technology & Information Officer

“Julie has helped me to seek out the all-important balance in my life, when my natural tendency is to take on too much, or seek to help others at all costs. It is not always easy to share your feelings with colleagues, friends or even family and each meeting has provided a safe space to talk, which is invaluable.”

Division President

I have been coaching since 2005 when I gained my Post-Graduate Certificate in Business and Executive Coaching.

I’m committed to high-integrity, high-impact work with my clients, fueled by investment in continuous personal development and regular professional supervision.

My coaching is characterised by a blend of support and challenge and is founded on a non-judgmental stance. My role is not to provide answers; I believe that the leaders with whom I work have within themselves all of the resources that they need. What I offer is the support to enable each coachee to fully access their inner resources.

I seek to help leaders solve their current problems whilst developing them as individuals. This means getting beneath the surface to raise awareness of habits, beliefs and patterns. This approach equips the leader to anticipate and resolve future challenges, and strengthens their ability to continue to develop themselves beyond the coaching assignment.

How it works

Interested in working with me one-to-one?


The first step is to drop me an email with a couple of lines about why you’re looking for coaching support and what you’d like to work on.


Next, we’ll set up a chemistry call: a 45 minute conversation to explore the possibility of working together, and to test (from your perspective and mine) whether there’s a good fit.


I’ll suggest a structure for a coaching assignment, based on what I learned in our chemistry call. I’ll recommend the number and frequency of one-to-one sessions, as well as (if appropriate) a way to gain input from your line leader.


We’ll begin our coaching work together, beginning with ensuring that there is clarity on the desired outcomes.


We’ll review progress as we go – informally each time we meet, and in a more structured way mid-way through the assignment and again at the conclusion of our work together.