Privacy policy

This policy tells you how I gather and look after your information. I stick to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Your personal and business details are safe with me. I only ask for information that I really need.

Your personal details will only be used for what you gave it to me for. I won’t share it unless the law says I have to, or if you say it’s ok.

How I gather data

Personal data
I don’t collect any personal information from my website. I have my email link there so you can drop me a line. Whatever you share in the email stays between us and is only used for the reason you’re getting in touch.

Over time, there might be a reason for me to CC you into an email to someone else, or for me to forward an email from you to someone else. I will only do that if it’s reasonably necessary as part of the work we do together, or if I have your permission.

If you want to hire me, I’ll need your account and contact info. This will all be kept private. I won’t share it with anyone else.

Non-personal data

My website collects anonymous data for analytics purposes like the time you spent on the site, the pages you looked at. None of this is attributable to you as an individual. I use a cookie consent tool to ask you if you’re ok with that, and you have the opportunity to opt-out before you begin using my website.

The information I have

When you drop me an email or use my website, I’ll likely have information like your name, email address, phone number, a social media username, and the company you work for, if you tell me.

If we do business, I’ll also have your business name and bank details. I keep a record of the invoices I’ve sent you and the payments you’ve made.

Where your information is kept

  • If you get in touch or we work together, your info could be stored or processed through my:
  • Email provider, if you email me
  • Project management system, if we work on something together
  • Mailing list provider, if you join my newsletter
  • Payment processor, if you buy something
  • Accounting software, if we’re doing business

I don’t share who provides these systems for me to keep my business safe. I picked these systems because they’re good with security. If you need more details, just ask.

What I do with your information

Sometimes, I’ll use your contact details to tell you about my services. When I do, you can choose to stop these messages and I won’t send them again.

I might also drop you an email or give you a ring about my services. But if you tell me to stop, I won’t bother you again. I’ll use your details to send you invoices, reminders, or statements.

Who’s in charge of your information at my company

The owner and operator of the business – Julie Smith. I’m in charge of keeping your information safe. If you’re worried about the info I’ve got, you can email me at

Who can see your information

When I keep your information in my systems, only the people who need it can see it. That might include associates I work with, my accountant, and a few other people. But, I will only ever share your information with people who need it to do the job you’ve asked me to do.

How to contact me about your data

If you have any questions about your data, or would like to request a copy of the data I have about you, please email We aim to respond to all queries about data within 7 days.

Changes to this policy

If I change what’s in this policy, the changes kick in as soon as I put them on my website.